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Direct Electric is committed to protect our employees, customers and the public entering our job sites. We are committed to fostering a safety culture and we believe that all accidents are preventable.


Safety is a responsibility that cannot be delegated. Our project teams have the direct responsibility for safety on their respective projects; they have the authority and responsibility to implement all aspects of our safety program, which meet state and federal OSHA rules and regulations. Every Direct Electric employee is expected to have a “safety begins with me” attitude and be responsible for his/her own behavior. Through a total commitment to an ongoing, comprehensive safety program, Direct Electric has achieved an excellent safety record in which we take great pride.


Implementation of our safety program is accomplished through pre-construction hazard analysis, weekly Tool Box Talks, daily Task Analysis Reviews (TAR), Safety Alerts, Supervisory Safety Audits, stop work authority, regulatory training, and other means of education and enforcement.