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Oil and Gas Electrical Services

DE is knowledgeable and experienced in oil field production service work and specialty jobs. We provide services to the upstream oil and gas industry in new construction, automation, and instrumentation. These aspects provide our customers with accuracy, diagnostics, and analysis tools to maximize profitability and integrate well measurements into combined installations that save money and time. Our experience includes:


    • Multiple well pad automation and communication.
    • Instrumentation systems: separator monitoring, tank level sensors, VFD’s, flow meters, and installing devices for temperature indicators and pressure sensors
    • Programming and powering transmitters
    • Installing interface and PV systems
    • Powering ROC’s (Remote Operation Controllers) on well sites, including Emerson ROC systems.
    • Wiring PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers)
    • Installing flow meters and turbines on well sites.
    • Pump off controllers.
    • Remote transmitting equipment.
    • RTU controllers and total flow ABB XRC series.
    • Wireless control applications.
    • Installing devices on LACT units.
    • Gas measurement devices.
    • Valve positioning and monitoring


    In the application of the above, our electricians are familiar with multiple manufacturers / trademarks like:


    • Emerson systems
    • ABB devices and controls
    • Vega Systems and monitoring equipment
    • Rosemount devices and controls
    • Accu-Tech devices and controls
    • Lufkin drivers and motors


    DE is in the process of acquiring UL certification to establish our own UL shop to provide electric skids and panels for the oilfield industry.


    DE has worked with Torrent Energy Services to install and automate Gas Recapturing systems on multiple well sites in McKenzie County, ND. As the gas emission control requirements increase in North Dakota, we are in a very good position to offer these services including:


    • Establish fully functional gas recapturing system with 4-generation units.
    • Separation, heating and cooling controls.
    • Electrical installation of refrigeration units
    • Separator monitoring
    • Heat tracing and insulation services
    • Installing cable trays on as built and engineered drawings
    • Installing compressors and stabilizers
    • Automation and integration of the gas recapturing process.

    DE staff have an established experience in new oil well construction, electrical installation, and commissioning. We are working with customer in the Bakken on powering ROC’s, automation inventory, and new trenching and installation of VFDs.


    DE is the contractor of choice for two major TRD and SWD companies in the region, IHD and Tervita. DE was awarded the electrical construction of Tervita Alexander TRD plants and Blue Buttes disposal. Construction included all electrical installation, wiring, conduit, cable trays, tank level monitoring, grounding, and heat tracing.


    We are still working with SWDs and TRDs in the area of electrical inspection, LEL systems, and Positive Grounding Indicators.


    We understand that our customers require reliable contractors with experience and a track record of delivering results for an acceptable price.


    We are capable of handling your largest and most complex electrical challenges. We work with the top commercial operations and local business owners in North Dakota and we have become well-respected electrical contractors for the oil drilling industry. DE also offers 24/7 services, 365 days a year.